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MasterLink Club and Hospitality Services

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Management Services

Daily Fee, Resort, Semi-Private or Private Clubs or Serving Clubs, Lifestyle Developers & The Staffing Industries

MasterLink Club and Hospitality Services, a division of the Link Related Companies, offers complete full service, turnkey club management services that are customized to meet the owner's objectives. A responsive team of professionals attends to every facet of the club operation to obtain optimum results. Our hands-on approach and performance-based incentives truly differentiate MasterLink in the marketplace and ensures financial success for our customers.

Management services include:

  • Acquisition/Disposition of Facilities-Consulting
  • Implementing revenue enhancing advertising and marketing programs.
  • Establishing effective membership programs.
  • Recruiting, evaluating, training, and supervising all personnel.
  • Developing and implementing effective policies for personnel, reporting procedures, safety, inventory control, merchandising, pricing, and food and beverage.
  • Providing effective structuring of greens fees, cart fees, and event pricing.
  • Streamlining and establishing effective accounting procedures.
  • Developing annual operating budgets, capital budgets, and maintenance schedules.
  • Staffing/Placement
  • Technology/New Systems/Web Site Development

Private Club Management Services

The management team at MasterLink is thoroughly familiar with the unique needs and requirements of private club facilities. As such, we are able to offer management services that range in scope from providing a full staff to infusing management input to the owner's staff. In either case, or a hybrid thereof, we offer owners the opportunity to rely on our expert advice and management skills to ensure operational and financial success.

Accounting and Finance Support or Outsourced Services

MasterLink's team of experienced professionals provides unparalleled support or outsourced accounting and financial services. Our in-house professionals, including certified public accountants with extensive expertise in industry specific accounting, technology, software, accounting and reporting requirements offer an excellent solution. Including expertise in Jonas and other Industry club software and management solutions. Our team has the knowledge and experience to bring a refreshing solution to a Club's accounting and finance function. Providing for improved decision making with real-time, critical, and highly relevant information for all stakeholders. Simultaneously, enhancing the member experience and the bottom line of the Club.

  • Our services include evaluation and improvement top to bottom of the accounting function. Every byte of data in the system, from the chart of accounts, POS item setup, menus, pricing, and every important detail. Insuring the most effective and efficient accounting and reporting system. Deploying the latest technology, to generate relevant reports critical to every task in the Club. From an hour of employee time, to the most meaningful club reporting at the Board of Directors level. Seamlessly integrating with all outside reporting requirements. Including attest functions, Regulatory State and Federal compliance and reporting.
  • Taking advantage of and deploying the latest technology
  • Updating the entire system to current day data storage and efficient and effective data management.
  • Insuring the timely, relevant flow of information for decision making at all levels.
  • Professional services include critical insight and analysis based on our team's decades of Club experience.

Consulting Services

MasterLink renders comprehensive market research and feasibility studies for potential or existing golf facilities and marinas. We also provide complete assistance with due diligence and representation for investor groups in the acquisition and disposition of golf and club facilities and marinas.

Consulting services include:

  • Membership generation and review of programs.
  • Assisting with purchase or turnover of developer owned club to the members or other purchasing group.
  • Acquisition or disposition representation.
  • Operational reviews and audits.

MasterLink Club and Hospitality Services, a division of the Link Related Companies
780 Fifth Avenue South, Suite 200
Naples, Florida 34102
Toll Free: 866-434-2300   ~   Fax: 866-843-7037

An affiliated Company of The Link Related Companies with offices throughout Florida

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